Perfect Pairings

We believe in the complete beer tasting experience at FireWorks. Since we know our beer just as well as we know our own menu, we’ve made a list of dishes to go with your favorite Empyrean Brewing Co® beers. Scroll to see them all.

We hope this helps you become just as passionate about food and beer pairings as we are.


The 3 Pillars of Beer Pairings:


A beer with a flavor profile that is similar to the dish. The beer and food “complete” each other.


Choosing a beer with opposing flavors can create a memorable and exciting taste experience.


A cleansing beer neither matches nor contrasts, but cleanses the palate so the senses can assess new flavors.

Watch Man IPA®

Watch Man IPA® keeps the bitterness firm but in check, and it is accented by floral and citrus notes from the hops. Pair with flaky grilled fish, creamy pastas and hearty salads. Might we suggest…

  • Philly Cheesesteak Pasta
  • Hickory-Grilled Salmon
  • Fettuccine Jabrisco

Chaco Canyon Gold®

We brew this easy-going golden ale with a bit of honey for a unique, sweet-yet-dry character balanced with a crisp hop finish. Pair with fried foods, Southwest cuisine and grilled chicken or fish. We suggest pairing it with FireWorks…

  • Crab Cakes
  • Bourbon Street Chicken
  • Maui Fish Tacos

Long Route Peanut Butter Porter

With the delightful aroma of a peanut butter cup, this beer maintains a porter backbone with twisting layers of chocolate, peanut butter and toast. An appealing balance of beer and peanut butter candy flavors. Pairs well with grilled meats, curry, Thai food, baked apples and chocolate desserts. We suggest…

  • Hickory-Grilled Chicken Sandwich
  • Bourbon Street Chicken
  • Rocky Road Cake

Burning Skye Scottish-style Ale

Brewed in the tradition of Scotland’s malty-sweet beers. Sweet and smooth with a wee hint of smoked character. Pair with grilled chicken, beef, BBQ or wild game. We recommend…

  • Chicken Milan
  • Backdraft Brisket
  • Steak Salad

Third Stone Brown®

A myth-shattering ale that proves all dark beers don’t have to be filling. Sweetly smooth with nutty hints of roasted caramel flavor. Pair with grilled beef or vegetables, Southwest cuisine and caramel desserts.

  • Baby Back Ribs
  • Rotisserie Prime Rib
  • Southwest Crab Cake Salad

Luna Sea ESB

Extra Special Bitter is our homage to the best of English beers. Brewed with imported English malts for a bold, caramel-sweet, yet crisp ale. So balanced, it’s lunacy! Pair with grilled steak, salmon, BBQ, wild game and caramel desserts. Try ordering a…

  • Ribeye
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza
  • Spiced Peach Creme Brulee

Dark Side Vanilla Porter®

An infusion of old-world beer and contemporary soul. Smooth, dark and roasted, with highlights of chocolate, coffee and vanilla. Pair with beef, Indian or Asian cuisine and chocolate or vanilla desserts. We suggest…

  • Miso Salmon
  • Korean Lettuce Wraps
  • Cola Cake a la Mode

Mind Over Mango IPA®

Hush. Hush. Listen and find stillness to receive the mindful union of bitter hops and sweet mango, symbols of health, wealth and immortality. This brut-style IPA pairs well with beef, BBQ, grilled salmon and fruity desserts. You might try…

  • Grand Mac Daddy
  • Fresh Fish Special
  • Beef Brisket Sandwich

Sunslinger XPA®

A wheat-centered pale ale, generously dry-hopped for effect. Pale and crisp with lemon citrus highlights. Pair with flaky grilled fish, creamy pastas and hearty salads. Ask for…

  • Asiago Crab Dip
  • Caesar Salad
  • Chicken Enchiladas