FireWorks Rewards FAQ

FireWorks Frequent Diner Rewards Card


How do I get started?
Pick up your card at FireWorks Restaurant from a host or server. You may begin earning rewards immediately with your first purchase. Be sure to register your card, as registration allows you to view your current rewards balance as well as offers protection in the event your card is forgotten, lost or stolen.Read more about registering a Rewards Card.

Is there a cost to join?
No, there is no charge for becoming a member of the FireWorks Rewards Frequent Diner Program. There are no minimums or redemption fees.

What do you do with my personal information?
Friends don't share secrets, your information is safe with us. Privacy Policy.


What are program rewards and how do I earn them?
Each time you present your Rewards Card at the time of payment, FireWorks Restaurant will deposit a percentage of your subtotal on the card in the form of reward dollars. Reward dollars are earned on check subtotal, including food, drinks, merchandise and event tickets purchased at FireWorks Restaurant. Be sure to register your card. Cards must be registered in order to redeem accrued dollars. Only one transaction per visit, i.e. Rewards cannot be simultaneously earned and redeemed on the same ticket or same day.

Can I earn rewards for carry-out orders?
Yes, you can earn reward dollars on carry-out orders placed by phone or in-person by providing your phone number or showing your card.

Can I earn rewards for hosting private dines?
Yes, you can earn dollars on the subtotal of your private dining event.

Can I earn rewards for purchasing a Gift Card?
No, you cannot earn rewards on the purchase of a Lazlo Inc. Gift Card. However, you can earn reward dollars on a meal that is paid for with a Gift Card.

Can I use my card at Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill or Empyrean Brewing Co.?
No. The FireWorks Frequent Diner Rewards Card is good only at FireWorks Restaurant.


How do I check my rewards balance?
View your balance anytime online or ask a host or server to check your balance at the FireWorks Restaurant.

Will my reward dollars expire?
This program is designed to reward guests who dine at FireWorks Restaurant on a frequent basis; therefore twelve consecutive months of inactivity will render the card void of value. After twelve months, the card can be reactivated, but expired rewards dollars will not be credited. So dine with us often and your reward dollars will never expire.


How do I redeem my rewards?
Once you have registered your card, present your card at the time of payment and the value of your accrued rewards dollars will be deducted from your subtotal. There is no minimum balance to accrue prior to redemption; however, card value cannot be redeemed on the same business day in which it was earned. Likewise, FireWorks Rewards dollars cannot be used to purchase Lazlo, Inc Gift Cards. To prevent fraud, your card must be present at the time of redemption.


Do I have to register my FireWorks Rewards Card?
Yes, card registration is required to redeem rewards dollars. In addition, registration allows you to view your balance, as well as offer assistance in the event your card is lost or stolen. Register your card online. Note: cards cannot be registered until they have been activated at the register (i.e. used in conjunction with a purchase at FireWorks).

What information is needed to register?
When you register your card, you will be asked to provide the card number and registration code from the backside of the card, along with your name, address, phone number and email address. We may also ask you a few other questions to get to know you better.  All fields except card number and registration code are optional. However, providing your phone number allows us to replace your card in the event it is stolen, and enables us to give you reward dollars even if you forget to bring in your FireWorks Rewards Card when you dine.

What do you do with my personal information?
Fire Works Restaurant and Lazlo Inc., respects your privacy, as such we will never sell or trade your information. With your email address, we will occasionally send you information and exciting offers about FireWorks Restaurant and the rewards program. If you do so choose, you may unsubscribe from the email option at any time. Your phone number will be used only to look up/credit your account in the event your card is forgotten, lost or stolen.

Where do I find my card number and registration code?
Both are located on the backside of your FireWorks Rewards Frequent Diner card. The card number is the 16-digit number and the registration code is the 6-digit number. Do not use spaces when entering the card on the website.


What if I forgot my card at home?
If you have registered your card, we can look up your rewards account under the phone number used to register. You will still earn points for purchases made during your visit. However, you will not be able to redeem  FireWorks reward dollars without your Rewards Card being present.

What happens if I lose my card?
If you have lost your card, the host at FireWorks Restaurant can issue you a replacement by transferring your accrued reward dollars to a new card, only if the lost card was registered. We cannot transfer the balance from a non-registered card.


Is there anything I can’t earn rewards on?
You don’t earn or redeem reward dollars on taxes or gratuities. Likewise, rewards cannot be combined with any non-rewards program comp or discount, including Telesis Tribe employee discounts.

Are there any other limitations?
Unless otherwise required by law, any amount on this FireWorks Frequent Diner Card may not be redeemed for cash. No interest or other earnings on value deposited to a FireWorks Frequent Diner Card will accrue, be paid, or be credited to you. We reserve the right to change the program reward earning tiers at any time, without notice. We reserve the right not to accept any FireWorks Rewards Card, if we reasonably believe that its use is unauthorized, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful.


Who do I contact if I have problems with my card?
You may speak with any team member at FireWorks Restaurant (402-434-5644) during normal business hours or contact the home office at or 402-434-5959.

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